Widya Herma & Nadya Miranti Herma
Ranggi Ramadiansyah , Nadya Miranti Herma , Widya Herma nampak sangat menggemaskan ya kami bertiga , hehe ada yang mau protes atas kelucuan kami bertiga ? hihi

Aku menjadi Anak ke tiga dari 3 bersaudara
1. Ranggi Ramadiansyah
2. Nadya Miranti Herma
3. Widya Herma
Widya Herma

Widya Herma

Hi I'm Widya Herma. An Indonesian Blogger based in Bandung. I love being myself. I blog about lifestyle, tips, how-to, techno, beauty, food, travel, daily life and many more. Kindly contact me by e-mail at contact@widyaherma.com for event invitation, partnership, reviews, endorsement. Thank you :)

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